The year is: 1938

Age: 36 • Height: 5’11" • Weight: 160lbs • Hair: Black • Eyes: Bright Green • Species: Mongoose
–Fagan is a hardworking man and has been for his entire life. When he was young, his increasingly bitter father pulled him out of school and forced him to work rice fields to help support the homestead. Fagan would later defend himself against his crazed father, and run away out of the country, to Coveland. Gradually, after working manual labor jobs continuously, he would get into government work. He would found the CBIA, the Coveland Bureau of Investigations and Actions, a branch that would work as the go-to department for defense and offense, both in the public eye and in secret.
The toughest decision of his life would come when the Sapien “problem” became too big to ignore with a new President that refused to let it go as the old ones had. He would agree to take care of the problem, but it was a burden he would bear on his own as he had with all the previous ones.
At his core, Fagan is a good man. He takes on hard decisions so that no one else will have to deal with any bad consequences. He has been so job focused his whole life out of necessity, but he does have a lot of love to give. He wants more than anything, that elusive thing called love..
What happened in High Column, the land of the Sapiens, would shape his future for good and all. A different path than he ever could have imagined.
A path, he finds, he would have never given up travelling upon for the world.
Date of Birth: 9/20/1902
Place of Birth: Nanghoi Phat, Viettai, Caysiann

Age: 5 • Height: 4′ • Weight: 33lbs • Hair: Blonde • Eyes: Green-Blue • Species: Sapien
–She is only a little girl of 5, but she tends to think and act like one twice that. The reason could be that she has had very limited contact with other children her age for the entirety of her life. She was rescued when she was an infant, not even a week old, by Fagan Morely. He promised to take care of her as if she were his own, and she has been raised by him ever since. However, the fact that she exists is a closely guarded secret, allowing her limited contact with people and regretfully, some time all by herself. This isolation makes her even more eager, and resentful of her life. She wants nothing more than to be like everyone else, to live among everyone else. She sees herself as a Mammalian in spite of knowing she is a Sapien. She knows the history of her species and has renounced any affiliation with them. She lets everyone know how much she loves and adores them; this affection is almost to the point of being a fault.
Date of Birth: 2/26/1933
Place of Birth: High Column Central, High Column, Coveland

Age: 30 • Height: 6’4" • Weight: 189lbs • Hair: White • Eyes: Brown • Species: Skunk
–Dakota was the type of man who wanted to do great at everything he did. He was dedicated to his job and doing well at it. Even though he had some trepidation about winning the Presidency, he still welcomed it with an amount of joy. He wanted to do the best he could to make the lives of his countrymen better on a grander scale. However, it wasn’t long before he was faced with some serious decisions that weighed heavily on his soul.. And Dakota found himself in a strange place, where he learned that decision making was too difficult, so he let someone else make all the decisions for him. He lost himself in this delegating, divising fog.. And when he was allowed out of it, he realized everything he had done, all too late. Now he is faced with a decision that actually is easy for him: Getting rid of the responsibility that helped ruin his life.
Date of Birth: 2/17/1908
Place of Birth: Marselle, Coveland

Age: 32 • Height: 5’2" • Weight: 129lbs • Hair: Red • Eyes: Red • Species: Binturong
–Arthur was born in a remote island nation that had a seedy and dangerous history. The resentment he felt of his homeland stayed with him as he grew up. When he finally left, he completely renounced any affiliation or loyalty to it, fully embracing all that is Coveland. Soon after his arrival, he met a man named Al at work, and they would become fast, close friends. His gift of gab and (less bragworthy) manipulation would help him secure a great job in PR with the government. Shortly thereafter he met a fine young lady named November, who just happened to hail from the same country as Arthur. He fell for November and married her, even though Arthur found himself to be a bit of a philanderer.. Soon November would have a baby, little girl named Starbane Sophia, and he loved her with all his heart. But alas, Arthur could not get over himself and his need to chase skirts, leading to heartache for the young family.
Since the tragedy, Arthur has taken a new look at himself and his life. He has gotten rid of any grandoise visions of himself and is focusing more on his family and friends. This has helped him grow into a more responsible adult, a trait that may be necessary now more than ever.
Not that he’s fully given up skirt-chasing; just toning it down a bit.
Date of Birth: 7/18/1906
Place of Birth: Kehou, Manilazon

Age: 18 • Height: 5’5" • Weight: 155lbs • Hair: Blonde • Eyes: Green • Species: Cocker Spaniel / Rat / Prairie Dog
–Tides, whose real name is Simon, was born in a wild area of the country Nuramura known as Butte Canyon. He has not let many people in on how his childhood was, or how he came to be in Coveland. The only thing most know is that he is impetuous and a bit of an ugly personality. It’s not a huge secret that he falsified his information to enlist in Coveland’s Armed, Naval, and Air Combat forces; lying about his age and taking part in the battle against the Sapiens. His youthful impressionism worked against him during that time, causing him to betray his only real friend, much to his regret. However, when all was said and done, he continued about his life as though nothing happened as best he could; with one exception. His one friend inexplicably trusted Tides with the responsibility of helping care for his adopted daughter. Tides bends over backwards to make it up to Fagan, although Fagan seems to be unaware of the betrayal Tides endured him. Tides takes his babysitting job very seriously, no doubt driven by the guilt of knowing what happened to the little girl’s mother.. a fact he cannot change but wants so much to make up for.
That may be his only redeeming quality.
Date of Birth: 1/9/1920
Place of Birth: Butte Canyon, Badlands Flats, Nuramura

Age: 30 • Height: 5’9" • Weight: 135 lbs • Hair: Red • Eyes: Blue • Species: Mink
–Rena has always had a big, warm heart to counter her spicy, saucy nature. She had a slightly rough upbringing and this attitude helped.. Though, as she grew older, it didn’t help her the way she needed it to; it strained her relationships to a great degree. Her fiery attitude has caused her a lot of grief in her life, and it cooled only after a terrible accident years ago with her husband. It was a wake-up call of sorts that was furthered by a visit a short time later by Fagan Morely, who was injured and seeking help. She was astonished to see that he held a baby Sapien girl, and though he was hurt, her skill in healthcare was not what he sought. Her love and devotion to children is what he needed, to help him care for the infant. She readily accepted, having no fear of the chld and more than a little bit of guilt over the incident the night before, which was a closely guarded secret. She fell in love with the baby almost immediately, but agreed to keep her existence a secret to everyone, including her paramour, Dakota LesMercy. A year after Patrick’s death, the two made their relationship public. The reception was positive, but there was still strain: Rena takes care of the little girl Amanda while Fagan works, and yet takes pains to keep it secret from Dakota. Although the guilt from such secrecy should have caused her to break the secret into the open years ago, she has not felt that kind of shame, because she knows she’s helping a dear friend…
Date of Birth: 3/31/1908
Place of Birth: Mucca, Coveland

Age: 35 • Height: 6′ • Weight: 165 lbs • Hair: Straw Blonde • Eyes: Brown • Species: Collie
–Al was the son of a heavy-handed farmer, and grew up a hard-working man. He’s always been very career-minded, never having time for a girlfriend. His drive for success was facilitated by his instant best friend, Arthur, whom he met at work. Arthur just seemed to “get” him, and was the only person to really cool his vicious temper. Before long, Al got a promotion; when out celebrating, he met the only woman he ever was stricken by, and persevered through all obstacles to eventually make her his wife. Valerie was a bit of a troubles soul as well.. In fact, shortly after their marriage, it seemed as though he were on a leash of sorts.. Soon thereafter his son Austin would be born, then his daughter Isabelle, and finally, Chloe. For all his successes in career and family, he could never pull himself above Arthur, and the two of them hatched a plan to get rid of the Sapiens, a troublesome race that they perceived as being the biggest thing holding Coveland back from being a truly great country.
His temper cost him his job for a time, however, and their grand plans did not work out the way they wanted. Humbled, Al focused on his family.. best he could.
After the terrible Sapien incident, Al was reinstated thanks to the persistence of Arthur. Al has relaxed a great deal since then, leaving behind all desire to be the driving force that makes Coveland great. His focus is now on being a better husband, father, and friend.
In fact, this is his sole purpose of living now: His devotion to his loved ones..
Date of Birth: 11/15/1903
Place of Birth: Mucca, Coveland

Age: 6 • Height: 4′ • Weight: 40 lbs • Hair: White • Eyes: Hope: Purple • Faith: Green • Soul: Blue • Species: Skunk / Arctic Fox / House Cat
–Hope, Faith, and Soul are triplets; their father is Dakota LesMercy, and their mother was Angela, who passed away giving birth to them. Their upbringing was made to be as close to any normal child’s as possible; their father brought in Rena Weasel to help care for them when they were infants, and later, as a surrogate mother when she moved in. However it was plainly apparent to everyone that these girls were not like other girls.. As they grew up, they stayed with one another and treated other children with contempt. They say strange things.. do strange things.. Their “step” siblings–Rena’s children, Nikkola, Jack, and Pacafee–have learned to avoid them the best they can. Rena adores the girls, however, in spite of their oddity.
Dakota, on the other hand, gets a completely different sort of vibe from the girls.. one he is growing more afraid of each day.
Because they know.
Date of Birth: Hope: 9/3/1932 • Faith and Soul: 9/2/1932
Place of Birth: Marselle, Coveland