Hello, and welcome! Above are the 7 side stories available for viewing! They each tell a story about certain characters from Wrongside, which in turn reveals more about the story overall. Some are long, some are short. Eventually they’ll all be told.
You’ll notice on the images there is a dollar amount for each new page; before a record would be kept track of and when that amount was reached, a new page would be worked on and uploaded next.
Now, it’s merely a request; a donation button is present if you would like to donate towards a new page, but I’ll be working on the pages and uploading them as soon as I am able, all the time. You can specify if you want your donation to go towards a certain story, or let the chips fall where they may. Stories that have more donations will be worked on more often and will get done faster. It’s like the same principle as before, except there’s no pressure to donate in order to get a new page. It takes a lot of time that I have little of to work on comic pages, so much of the time it takes a while for these to get uploaded. I feel horrible about that unfortunate circumstance and hope for it to change one day, but for now it will probably stay that way.. So donations are no longer a prerequisite.
If you wish to donate, I thank you most humbly!! <3 If not, that's okay, I still appreciate your reading!
Thank you and please enjoy!