Hello! Here is where you find information about the Members Only portion of the site, which is located HERE. This private part of the gallery contains art that is 99% not uploaded anywhere else (exceptions being adult art that are gifts to another that they chose to upload on their own galleries) AND adult art that is not able to be viewed by the public gallery. I like to keep that private, sharing only with a few, and I thank you for your respect on the matter <3 Other uploads include preview art, sketches, and ideas for other stories or the current ones.
Above is a button where you may subscribe for $3 a year. After creating a subscription, email me your personal username and password, and I will create a profile for you in the gallery! Or, you can create your own username and password in the gallery, inform me of your username in said gallery, and I will grant you access to the Members Only gallery.
I have not been able to update the MO as often as I used to, due to circumstances outside of the online world taking up huge amounts of my time. I am actually giving up a bit of my sleep to try and make it up, but it’s probably not a good idea to keep that up forever. …but, also, I work a full-time job as well as tending to have to deal with heavy depression from time to time, along with some other health and personal issues, and it really hampers my ability to work..
So yeah. Please bear that in mind if you are deciding on subscribing!
If you are a current subscriber of the old gallery, I encourage you to do as instructed above; namely, creating your own profile in the gallery, then sending me your username so that I can grant access. You are more than welcome to cancel your old sub if you like. If you wish to keep it, that is great too and I thank you. If you want to re-subscribe using the above button, that would be lovely too, but you have been loyal and giving and understanding for so long so this is not required, as a deep thanks to you.
I will do my best to upload art there as often as I can as well as the public gallery.