It’s a little late, I apologize! I do hope you enjoy it though! Enter a familiar face!
That sounded dirty… heh heh.
Anyway, I’m still trying to catch up. I’m lagging behind, and I am sorry.. Truth be told, I’m enduring a difficult time right now, emotionally speaking. For the last several weeks I’ve been dealing with an extra hard dose of anxiety, stress, and depression.. to the point where I couldn’t discern what was triggering me aside from existing in the same area as others. But, I had a bit of a.. I dunno, melt-down? It was like a firecracker, not nuclear–the other day, and maybe that relieved the tension… I hope so, anyway, so I can start getting back into doing things I love without the constant buzz going on in my head about how awful everything is when it in fact is not. It would be nice to just get through the day without feeling this way.
Uh, anyway.. ending this little rant. I don’t talk about my feelings much and I do mean to keep it that way. So, I’ll see you next week!